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Dear Naples Jazz Lover,

Bob Zottola’s Jazz Simpatico will perform this Friday October 23rd at Food & Thought from 5:30 PM to 8 PM & EVERY Friday from 5:30-8 PM at the wonderful organic restaurant & market Food & Thought 2132 Tamiami Trail N in Naples, FL 34103 (239) 213-2222

By the way, this is not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant! Fish, chicken and beef dishes are on the menu.  Beer and wine served. 

We will maintain social distancing by performing in the courtyard between the Market/Restaurant and Thoughtful Threads buildings. 

 Friday October 23rd,  Jazz Simpatico will feature Stu Shelton on keyboard, Kevin Mauldin on bass, Bill Smith on drums  and Yours Truly  on trumpet, flugelhorn & vocals.

As long as you keep comin’, we’ll keep swingin’  


For more info and audio clips visit my website:

Dear Naples Jazz Lover,

Dear Friends & Naples Jazz Lovers,

We all have more free time than we know what to do with and as a musician, I felt it important to compose and record a song that is timely and perhaps helpful in reinforcing the guidelines that we’re all trying to follow. (“It ain’t easy, right?”)

With that in mind I composed, sang and played The Stay At Home Blues and recorded it "all by my lonesome" in my home studio.

Feel free to share it with others.

I hope and pray that this will be over soon and I’ll be able to see you and actually play live performances!

Also, every evening at 7:30 PM I play God Bless America and other inspirational songs in my backyard so residents of Mill Run can hear. 

Today since it’s Easter Sunday, I’ll play Irving Berlin’s Easter Parade

Stay safe & healthy!


                    God Bless America

                            The Stay At Home Blues

                        Jazzy Easter Parade

  Here’s another piece that I call An Improvised Soliloquy for Unaccompanied Trumpet:

                       Cheek To Cheek


                            The Way You Look Tonight

Stu and I recorded these songs at his home studio and yes we actually were able to record together while practicing “social distancing”.

We know it’s been tough on all of us with the hardship of not being able to play our music for you, so this was our heartfelt effort to remedy the situation.

We are planning our next recording session so feel free to send us your requests.

Every evening at 7:30 PM EST, I’ve been playing a patriotic song like God Bless America followed by a jazzy song outdoors for the residents of my community (Mill Run). If you would like to hear some of those go to my website and click on Schedule.

Stay safe & healthy!


 We were videoed by Naples All Around Town and it can be viewed on YouTube by clicking on this link:

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